Montech King95 Pro – NASA

Montech King95 Pro – NASA Mod

The past few years have seen a surge in dual-chamber PC case designs, with seemingly every manufacturer jumping on the bandwagon. However, many of these cases resemble clones of the Lian Li O11, offering little in the way of innovation. Thankfully, there are a few exceptions that dare to be different.

Cases like the Hyte Y60 and NZXT H6 take the dual-chamber concept and add their own unique flair. Both incorporate a “cut corner” design with a third glass panel, effectively breaking the mould visually. Yet, Montech truly pushes the boundaries by introducing a groundbreaking feature: a curved glass panel.

Yes, you read that right – a curved glass panel! Gracing the front right corner of the case, this innovative design element isn’t just about aesthetics. It elevates the entire look and feel, imbuing the case with a premium quality that belies its price tag. This one-of-a-kind feature is a true testament to Montech’s commitment to pushing the envelope in PC case design.

In a market saturated with near-identical dual-chamber offerings, Montech’s curved glass case stands out as a breath of fresh air. It’s a case that doesn’t just house your prized hardware; it becomes a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a reflection of your discerning taste.


First Impressions

Unlike many cases featured on “The Breakdown,” the Montech King95 didn’t just arrive fresh from the delivery truck. It patiently awaited its calling for months, a dormant powerhouse until the perfect project emerged: Project NASA, my very own personal rig.

The King 95 proved to be the ideal choice, not just for its impressive feature set, but for its captivating Prussian blue colour – a perfect match for the iconic NASA logo. While the unboxing experience itself was familiar, the thrill of peeling back the protective layers from the stunning curved glass side panels was unparalleled. This is a design element I’ve never encountered before, and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

First impressions of the King 95 are nothing short of stellar. The high-quality packaging hints at the premium materials used in its construction, and the overall aesthetic is undeniably striking. It’s clear that this case is built to perform as flawlessly as it looks.

Build Experience

The build experience within the Montech King95 was truly phenomenal. Unlike some cramped cases, the King95 offered an abundance of space to maneuver and manage cables with ease. This spaciousness proved invaluable, especially when dealing with a custom water-cooling loop. Speaking of water cooling, the King95 is a dream come true for enthusiasts. The plethora of strategically placed grommets ensured a clean and leak-proof installation.

But the real highlight lies in its unparalleled radiator support – not one, not two, but four radiator mounting locations. You could configure a massive 360mm radiator in both the front and top, alongside a 240mm radiator in the bottom (although, all at once might be a bit overkill!).

Assembling the components within this spacious haven was a breeze. After meticulously applying the Project NASA decals, each component found its perfect home. The final touch? Filling the customized loop with a vibrant red and blue coolant, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the Prussian blue case and the stunning curved glass panels. With every component meticulously placed and the water coursing through the loop, Project NASA roared to life, a testament to the exceptional build experience offered by the Montech King95.

Our Build


CPU Intel Core I5 13600KF
MB Z690 Aorus Pro
GPU RTX 3090 Gaming OC
PSU Corsair RM850e (2023)
RAM T-Force Delta 32GB 6000 CL30
SSD 1TB Aorus 7000 Premium
COOLER Custom Loop
CASE Montech King95 Pro



The Montech King95 isn’t just about stunning aesthetics and spacious interiors; it’s a powerhouse when it comes to airflow, ensuring your prized components stay frosty even under the most demanding workloads. Here’s how the King95 keeps your PC cool:

  • Multi-directional Onslaught: The King95 employs a 3-way airflow strategy. Fresh air is aggressively drawn in from the front, side, and bottom of the case, creating a positive pressure environment that efficiently expels hot air through the top and rear exhaust fans. This multi-pronged approach ensures optimal cooling for all your components.
  • Choice is King (or Queen): The King95 caters to your airflow preferences. It comes with two pre-installed 120mm fans on the side panel, but the magic lies in their hinged design. You can choose to keep them as intake fans, drawing in cool air from the side, or flip them to the front for a direct blast of cool air onto your graphics card. Additionally, the case includes a mesh front panel, offering a more open airflow configuration compared to the included tempered glass panel.
  • Radiator Ready: For enthusiasts embracing the world of water cooling, the King95 boasts exceptional radiator support. With the ability to house up to four radiators (not all simultaneously!), the case provides ample space for even the most elaborate cooling loops. This translates to efficient heat dissipation, even when pushing your system to its limits.

the Montech King95 doesn’t just look cool, it keeps your PC cool – a winning combination for any builder seeking a balance between aesthetics and thermal performance.

Component Compatibility / Our Build

he Montech King95 isn’t just a looker; it’s remarkably accommodating when it comes to housing a wide range of PC components. Here’s a breakdown of its impressive compatibility:

Motherboard: The King95 boasts excellent motherboard support, accommodating a variety of form factors, including the ever-popular ATX, the compact Micro ATX, and even the enthusiast-grade E-ATX motherboards. This flexibility ensures you have ample choice when selecting the heart of your system.

Graphics: No matter your graphical prowess, the King95 has you covered. With ample space for even the beefiest graphics cards on the market, you can unleash the full potential of the latest and greatest GPUs without worrying about size constraints.

Storage: The King95 provides generous storage options. You can equip it with a multitude of hard drives and solid-state drives, allowing you to create a storage solution that perfectly aligns with your needs. Whether you’re a content creator demanding massive storage capacity or a casual user prioritizing speed, the King95 can adapt.

Cooling: As discussed earlier, the King95 excels in water-cooling compatibility. With support for multiple radiators of various sizes (up to four, though not all at once!), you can design a custom loop that efficiently dissipates heat, even for heavily overclocked systems. But fear not, air-cooling enthusiasts! The case offers ample space for installing a plethora of case fans, ensuring optimal airflow for a traditional cooling setup.

Power: The King95 caters to power users as well. It can accommodate not just one, but two power supplies, providing the necessary wattage for even the most power-hungry configurations. This feature is particularly beneficial for enthusiasts running multi-GPU setups or overclocked systems demanding a robust power delivery.

In conclusion, the Montech King95 is a case that prioritizes component compatibility. Whether you’re a seasoned builder crafting a high-performance machine or a first-time builder prioritizing ease of assembly, the King95 provides the flexibility to accommodate your needs and create a dream PC.

Montech King95


The Montech King95 has undeniably earned a place of honour in our hearts (and on our desks). It proved to be the perfect canvas for Project NASA, exceeding expectations at every turn. Here’s why we absolutely loved it:

Space: The King95’s expansive interior offered a dreamlike building experience. There was ample room to manoeuvre, manage cables with ease, and meticulously install even the most intricate components. This spaciousness was especially appreciated when it came to crafting the custom water-cooling loop – a task that would have been far more daunting in a cramped case.

Thermal Performance: Beyond its impressive capacity, the King95 emerged as a champion of airflow. The multi-directional airflow strategy ensured a steady stream of cool air entering the case, while the strategically placed exhaust fans efficiently expelled hot air. This translates to optimal cooling performance, keeping our prized components operating at peak efficiency.

Radiator Capacity: For water-cooling enthusiasts, the King95 reigns supreme. Its support for a staggering four radiators (though not recommended all at once!) provided the freedom to design an elaborate cooling loop, guaranteeing exceptional heat dissipation for even the most demanding overclocked systems.

Aesthetics: Let’s not forget the King95’s undeniable beauty. The stunning curved glass side panels offered an unobstructed view of our meticulously crafted Project NASA, while the Prussian blue colour perfectly complemented the iconic NASA decals. Speaking of which, these custom decals truly elevated the entire build to another level. They added a personal touch and a unique flair that perfectly captured the essence of Project NASA.

The Montech King95 isn’t just a case; it’s a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. With its exceptional build quality, unparalleled component compatibility, and stunning aesthetics, the King95 is a dream come true for builders of all experience levels. If you’re looking for a case that seamlessly blends functionality and style, look no further than the Montech King95. It’s a case that will surely leave you impressed, just as it did us with Project NASA.