Hyte Y60 Black

Here at Battlerigs, we’ve long been fans of the dual-chamber PC case design. Over the years, we’ve built countless rigs within the likes of the Antec C8 and Lian Li O11 Dynamic. But a new contender has emerged, one that redefines the dual-chamber experience – the Hyte Y60.

Hailing from the Californian design team at Hyte, the Y60 isn’t just another case. It’s a full-blown enthusiast’s dream, a “fish tank” masterpiece that seamlessly blends stunning aesthetics, unparalleled airflow, and intuitive cable management.

This innovative design directly targets the highly-regarded Lian Li O11 Dynamic, a case that’s dominated the market for years. While the O11 Dynamic undeniably boasts impressive component compatibility and eye-catching looks, the Hyte Y60 raises the bar even further.

Here’s why the Y60 is quickly becoming the new darling of PC builders, both seasoned veterans and enthusiastic newcomers alike:

  • Unmatched Airflow: The Y60’s dual-chamber design goes beyond mere aesthetics. It meticulously separates heat-generating components, ensuring cool air is efficiently directed where it’s needed most. Pre-installed 120mm fans strategically placed throughout the case, coupled with a unique “cold floor” design, create an environment conducive to peak performance.
  • Panoramic Views: Gone are the days of cramped viewing angles. The Y60 boasts a three-piece, corner pillar-free, tempered glass design, offering an unobstructed, panoramic view of your meticulously crafted masterpiece. Whether you’re showcasing a symphony of RGB lighting or a meticulously cable-managed marvel, the Y60 presents your build in all its glory.
  • Vertical GPU Mounting: Let your graphics card take centre stage! The Y60 comes equipped with a dedicated vertical GPU mount and a sleek, colour-matched PCIe 4.0 riser cable. This not only elevates the aesthetics of your build but can also improve thermals in specific configurations.
  • Cable Management: The struggle for clean cable management is a thing of the past with the Y60. The dual-chamber design cleverly separates cables from your core components, creating a clean and uncluttered look. Dedicated cable management channels and strategically placed cut-outs further streamline the process, allowing you to focus on building, not battling unruly wires.
  • Smarter Expansion: The Y60 doesn’t sacrifice functionality for form. The unique design allows for the inclusion of low-profile PCIe cards behind the vertically mounted GPU. This caters to those who require additional functionality without compromising on the clean aesthetics.

The Hyte Y60 is more than just a case – it’s a statement piece, a testament to meticulous design, and a breath of fresh air in the dual-chamber arena. Whether you’re a seasoned PC builder or an enthusiastic newcomer, the Y60 offers a unique opportunity to create a PC that’s not only powerful but a true feast for the eyes. So, ready to see why the Y60 is such an amazing case? Let us show you!

Hyte Y60 – First Impressions

Unboxing the Hyte Y60 is an experience in itself. The case arrives meticulously packaged, with high-quality cushioning materials ensuring its safe journey. From the moment you remove the outer layer, it’s clear that Hyte has prioritised quality from the get-go.

Our review unit arrived in the classic black colour, but the Y60 also caters to diverse tastes with a range of options including white, red, and a pristine snow white. Regardless of your colour preference, the Y60 exudes a sense of understated elegance, hinting at the power and beauty that lies within.

Picking up the case, the first thing that strikes you is the sheer quality of the materials used. The tempered glass panels feel reassuringly thick and robust, while the aluminium frame offers a reassuring sense of solidity. Every aspect of the Y60 feels well-considered and meticulously crafted.

Opening the case further reinforces this initial impression. The cable management options are immediately apparent, with dedicated channels and cut-outs cleverly designed to streamline the building process. We can already envision how these features will contribute to a clean and uncluttered final build.

Overall, our first impressions of the Hyte Y60 are nothing short of stellar. The premium build quality, coupled with the well-thought-out cable management solutions, suggests that this case is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a joy to build in. We’re eager to delve deeper and explore the Y60’s full potential in the next section.

Our Build


CPU Intel Core I5 13600KF
MB Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X
GPU Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming OC
PSU BeQuiet! Straight Power 12 850W
RAM Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5 32GB 8000Mhz
SSD Kingston Fury Renegade 2TB
AIO Valkyrie SYN 360
CASE Hyte Y60 Black


The Hyte Y60 isn’t just about stunning looks – it’s a thermal powerhouse. The dual-chamber design goes beyond mere aesthetics, meticulously separating heat-generating components like the PSU and storage drives from the motherboard and graphics card. This intelligent layout ensures a constant stream of cool air is efficiently directed where it’s needed most.

The pre-installed 120mm fans play a pivotal role in this symphony of cool. Strategically placed throughout the case, they create a positive pressure environment, actively pushing out warm air and ensuring optimal component temperatures. The innovative “cold floor” design further elevates the cooling performance. By drawing cool air directly from the bottom of the case, the Y60 creates a natural convection current, maximizing heat dissipation.

This exceptional airflow makes the Y60 a fantastic choice for air-cooled builds. However, the true potential of the Y60’s thermal management shines when paired with a liquid cooling setup. The generous space within the main chamber allows for a variety of radiator configurations, making it ideal for enthusiasts who demand the absolute best in cooling performance.

It’s important to note that while the Y60 excels in airflow, there’s a caveat for radiator enthusiasts. The case has a lower radiator capacity compared to some of its larger competitors. For those seeking to implement a monstrous 360mm radiator at the top, you might be out of luck. However, the Y60 comfortably accommodates a 280mm radiator on the side panel, and a 360mm option at the top for most standard ATX builds.

Overall, the Hyte Y60 strikes a remarkable balance between airflow and aesthetics. While radiator capacity might be slightly limited compared to some behemoths, the exceptional airflow and support for a variety of cooling configurations make it a compelling choice for both air-cooled and water-cooled builds. In the next section, we’ll delve into the build process and explore how the Y60’s design translates into a user-friendly experience.

Hyte Y60

Component Compatibility

The Hyte Y60 isn’t just a looker; it’s a versatile haven for a wide range of PC components. Here’s a breakdown of what you can comfortably house within its sleek confines:

  • Motherboard: The Y60 boasts impressive motherboard compatibility, accommodating a wide range of sizes, from the diminutive Mini-ITX all the way up to the expansive EATX form factor. This flexibility allows you to tailor your build to your specific needs and performance aspirations.

  • Power: The PSU compartment is designed to accommodate most standard power supply units (PSUs) up to 235mm in length. This ensures compatibility with a vast majority of PSUs on the market, allowing you to choose the power delivery solution that perfectly complements your build.

  • Graphics: When it comes to graphics cards, the Y60 caters to the needs of both casual and hardcore gamers. The case supports GPUs up to a whopping 375mm in length, providing ample space for even the most powerful graphics cards currently available.

  • Storage: The Y60 offers a healthy balance between storage options. You can opt for two traditional 3.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) or leverage the four dedicated 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) bays for a faster, more streamlined storage solution. This flexibility caters to both those prioritizing large storage capacity and those seeking the lightning-fast performance offered by SSDs.

While the Y60 offers exceptional component compatibility, remember to double-check the specific dimensions of your chosen components before diving into the build process. A look at Hytes specifications will ensure everything fits together seamlessly within your Y60 build.


The Hyte Y60 has thoroughly impressed us here at Battlerigs. It’s more than just a case; it’s a statement piece, a testament to meticulous design, and a serious contender for the crown currently held by the Lian Li O11 Dynamic.

What We Loved

  • Superior Airflow: The dual-chamber design and strategic fan placement create an environment conducive to peak performance, making it a fantastic choice for air-cooled builds.
  • Panoramic Presentation: The three-piece tempered glass design offers an unobstructed view of your meticulously crafted masterpiece, perfect for showcasing your RGB lighting or cable management skills.
  • Effortless Cable Management: Dedicated channels and cut-outs streamline the building process, allowing you to focus on crafting a clean and uncluttered PC.
  • Premium Build Quality: From the thick tempered glass panels to the robust aluminium frame, every aspect of the Y60 feels well-considered and meticulously crafted.
  • Vertical GPU Option: The included vertical mount and PCIe 4.0 riser cable elevate the aesthetics of your build and can improve thermals in specific configurations.
Hyte Y60
Radiator Compatibility

While the Y60 excels in airflow and water cooling support, radiator capacity is slightly lower compared to some larger cases. If you’re planning a monstrous 360mm radiator setup, you might need to look elsewhere. However, the Y60 comfortably accommodates a variety of radiator configurations, making it a compelling choice for most water-cooled builds.

The Final Verdict

The Hyte Y60 isn’t just a worthy competitor to the O11 Dynamic; it raises the bar for design, airflow, and user experience. The only caveat is the slightly limited radiator capacity. However, for the vast majority of builders, this is a minor quibble overshadowed by the Y60’s numerous strengths.

We award the Hyte Y60 a stellar recommendation. It’s a case that prioritizes both aesthetics and performance, making it a dream to build in and a joy to behold. If you’re searching for a case that will not only house your powerful components but also showcase them in stunning style, the Hyte Y60 is a breath of fresh air you won’t want to miss.

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