Antec C8 White

The Antec C8 strides into the mid-tower arena clad in a striking white finish. It promises ample space for tinkering, exceptional cooling potential to keep your components singing, and a sleek aesthetic that will make your battle station the envy of your squad. We at Battlerigs put the C8 through its paces, analysing its build experience, compatibility with high-end components, and showcasing its potential with a powerhouse build featuring the latest AMD and Nvidia weaponry.

First Impressions Of The Antec C8

The C8 arrives in a clean white finish, exuding a modern and minimalistic vibe. Tempered glass panels on the front and side offer a stunning view of your meticulously crafted rig. Build quality is excellent, with a sturdy 0.8mm + 1mm thick steel frame ensuring a secure environment for your precious hardware.

Antec C8

Build Experience

The C8 leans towards a user-friendly approach, making assembly a generally smooth process. Say goodbye to the frustration of missing screwdrivers! The side panels utilize a convenient hinge mechanism that pops open easily. Most internal components can be secured with thumbscrews, eliminating the need for fiddly tools.

Ample space inside the C8 translates to less stress during component installation and cable management. Antec cleverly integrates drive bays behind the motherboard tray, keeping your build looking clean while providing ample storage options. A removable PSU shroud allows for easier access to the PSU compartment during installation and cable wrangling.

However, a couple of minor hurdles emerged during our build. While the C8 offers decent space for cable management, utilizing sleeved cables or cable ties can further enhance aesthetics and keep things tidy. Radiator clearance is another point to consider. The C8 boasts impressive radiator support, but thicker radiators, especially 360mm AIOs, might require removing the front fans or utilizing a slimmer radiator on the front panel for optimal clearance with the motherboard tray.

Radiator Support

The C8 truly shines in terms of cooling potential. Here’s what empowers you to keep your system running cool and quiet:

  • Triple 360mm radiator support opens doors for powerful liquid cooling setups. You can configure radiators on the top, front, or a combination of both, depending on your preference.
  • Want to go air-cooled? The C8 accommodates a staggering 10 fans – three 140mm or two 160mm fans on the top and bottom, and additional placements on the front and rear.
  • Pre-installed dust filters keep your system clean and dust-free, improving long-term performance and component longevity.

As mentioned earlier, radiator clearance for thicker AIOs might require some finesse. Double-check radiator dimensions before purchase to ensure optimal compatibility.

Component Compatibility

The Antec C8 caters to a wide range of components, making it a versatile option for diverse build goals:

ATX, E-ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards are all welcome under the C8’s hood. This accommodates most popular motherboard sizes, allowing you flexibility in your build. Even the beefiest graphics cards on the market can find a home within the C8. There’s ample space for cards exceeding 300mm in length, ensuring compatibility with the latest high-end GPUs. The case supports CPU coolers with a maximum height of 180mm, allowing for most air coolers on the market, including some tower coolers. However, always double-check cooler dimensions for compatibility.

Our Build Specs

Now, let’s showcase the power of the C8 with a build we meticulously crafted. This white knight boasts top-tier performance, housed in the sleek white C8 chassis:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7700x: This powerhouse CPU delivers exceptional performance for demanding tasks like gaming, streaming, and content creation.
  • Motherboard: Aorus B650E Elite Ice: This board offers a perfect blend of features and aesthetics, matching the white theme and providing robust overclocking capabilities for the Ryzen 7 7700x.
  • Graphics Card: Gigabyte RTX 4080 Super Aero: This high-end GPU boasts impressive performance for next-generation gaming at high resolutions and frame rates.
  • Cooling: Aorus Waterforce AIO (White)
  • Case: Antec C8 (White)


The Antec C8 presents itself as a compelling option for builders seeking a stylish and spacious mid-tower case. The all-white aesthetic is undeniably attractive, and the tempered glass panels offer a panoramic view of your meticulously crafted components. The tool-less design and spacious interior make building a breeze, while the impressive radiator and fan support cater to both liquid cooling and air cooling enthusiasts.

However, the C8 isn’t without its shortcomings. Cable management could be a bit tighter. While there’s decent space, utilizing sleeved cables or cable ties can significantly improve the overall look and feel of your build. Radiator clearance for thicker AIOs might require some finesse, potentially forcing the removal of front fans or the use of a slimmer radiator in the front panel. These are minor issues, but worth considering, especially for builders aiming for a truly immaculate and cool-running system.

The Bottom Line

The Antec C8 is a solid mid-tower case with a focus on aesthetics and cooling potential. Its spacious interior, user-friendly design, and compatibility with high-end components make it a great choice for builders of all experience levels. However, if immaculate cable management is a top priority, you might want to consider cases with dedicated cable management features.

Overall, the Antec C8 earns a recommendation from Battlerigs. It’s a stylish and functional case with a lot to offer, but a few minor niggles hold it back from achieving top marks. With a little extra effort on cable management and potentially radiator selection for thicker AIOs, the C8 can be the foundation of a truly stunning and high-performing battle station.