XPG Invader X Black

Calling all ATX builders craving a balance of style and functionality! Buckle up as The Breakdown sets its sights on the XPG Invader X Black, a mid-tower case promising a panoramic view of your prized components. Does the Invader X live up to the hype? In this episode, we’ll meticulously dissect its strengths and weaknesses, from its tempered glass panels showcasing your build’s interior to its ease of assembly. We’ll explore the functionality of the pre-installed fans, delve into the quality of the materials, and unveil whether the Invader X offers the perfect foundation for your next Battlerigs masterpiece. Stay tuned for stunning visuals of the build process.


XPG Invader X

First Impressions of the XPG Invader X 

Our initial impressions of the XPG Invader X Black are decidedly positive. The case immediately strikes us as well-crafted, boasting high-quality materials that inspire confidence. Considering its attractive price point, the Invader X emerges as a compelling option for builders seeking a foundation for their entry-level or mid-level gaming rig.

Drawing comparisons to the well-regarded Phanteks NV5, the XPG Invader X boasts a design that prioritizes both clean aesthetics and efficient airflow. This translates to a user-friendly experience when it comes to cable management, a crucial aspect for achieving a polished and professional-looking build. Furthermore, the inclusion of XPG’s new reverse airflow fans reinforces the Invader X’s commitment to maintaining a cool and quiet operation within a visually striking chassis.

In the coming sections of The Breakdown, we’ll delve deeper into the XPG Invader X’s functionalities. We’ll meticulously examine its build quality, assess the effectiveness of its cooling system, and explore the ease of assembly within the chassis. Stay tuned for a comprehensive breakdown (pun intended) of the XPG Invader X, complete with stunning visuals of the build process to help you decide if this case is the perfect fit for your next Battlerigs creation.

Build Experience

The build experience with the XPG Invader X Black lived up to its initial promise. The case provides effortless access to all the crucial components – motherboard, CPU cooler, and power supply – without sacrificing its clean aesthetic. This translates to a smooth and efficient building process, allowing you to focus on assembling your dream machine.

The tempered glass panels on both sides of the XPG Invader X play a dual role. They offer a stunning panoramic view of your meticulously chosen components, showcasing the inner workings of your battle station in all their glory. Simultaneously, these panels act as a barrier, effectively keeping dust at bay and protecting your prized hardware.

Cable management, a frequent source of frustration for builders, is elegantly addressed by the XPG Invader X. The case offers a dedicated compartment behind the motherboard tray, specifically designed to house and conceal your cables. This allows you to achieve a clean and clutter-free interior, further enhancing the visual appeal of your build. While there’s limited space for excess cabling within this compartment, it’s a minor caveat considering the overall ease of managing wires within the XPG Invader X.

Our Build


CPU  Intel Core I5 13600K
MB  Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X
GPU  Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming OC
PSU XPG Core Reactor II
RAM  Zadak Panther RGB
SSD  Apacer AS2280Q4X
AIO  XPG Levante X 360
CASE  XPG Invader X


Airflow within the XPG Invader X promises to be a strong suit. The inclusion of pre-installed reverse airflow fans on the side and bottom panels hints at a positive pressure design, actively drawing cool air into the chassis. These strategically placed fans work in tandem to create a path for warm air to exit the system through the rear exhaust fan. This thoughtful fan configuration, coupled with the generous ventilation throughout the chassis, suggests the XPG Invader X is well-equipped to handle the thermal demands of modern PC components.

Component Compatibility

When crafting your dream PC, ensuring compatibility between your chosen case and components is paramount. Thankfully, the XPG Invader X Black boasts impressive versatility, accommodating a wide range of hardware configurations.

Motherboard enthusiasts will appreciate the XPG Invader X’s support for ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX form factors. This flexibility caters to builders seeking a case that can adapt to their specific needs, whether they require the expandability of a full-size ATX board or the compact footprint of a Mini-ITX option.

Those wielding hefty graphics cards can breathe a sigh of relief. The XPG Invader X offers ample space for GPUs up to a generous 400mm in length, ensuring compatibility with even the most powerful graphics cards on the market. It’s important to note that this length restriction applies when not using a radiator on the front panel.

CPU cooler compatibility is another area where the XPG Invader X excels. The case provides ample headroom for CPU coolers up to 175mm tall, offering sufficient clearance for most popular air coolers.

Power supply compatibility is equally impressive. The XPG Invader X accommodates power supplies up to 240mm long, ensuring you have ample options to choose from when selecting the perfect PSU for your build.

In conclusion, the XPG Invader X Black strikes a commendable balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its generous component compatibility empowers builders to create a powerful and visually striking battle station that aligns with their specific needs.


The XPG Invader X Black emerges as a compelling choice for builders seeking a stylish and functional mid-tower case for their entry-level or mid-level gaming rigs. Its high-quality materials and attractive price point make it a strong contender in the market.

The XPG Invader X excels in several key areas. The thoughtful design prioritizes both clean aesthetics and efficient airflow, simplifying cable management and contributing to a polished final product. The tempered glass panels offer a panoramic view of your prized components while keeping dust at bay. The pre-installed reverse airflow fans hint at a well-designed cooling system, promising to keep your battlestation running cool and quiet.

Component compatibility is another strength of the XPG Invader X. The case offers ample space for ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards, accommodates a wide range of graphics card lengths, and provides sufficient clearance for most popular CPU coolers and power supplies.

While there’s limited space for excess cabling within the dedicated compartment, it’s a minor drawback considering the overall ease of managing wires within the case.

Ultimately, the XPG Invader X Black delivers a well-rounded package that prioritizes aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. If you’re building an entry-level or mid-level gaming PC and crave a case that offers a clean look, efficient cooling, and straightforward building experience, the XPG Invader X Black is definitely worth considering for your next Battlerigs creation.