Cooler Master HAF 700 White

Cooler Master HAF 700

Forget subtlety, the Cooler Master HAF 700 throws down the gauntlet for enthusiasts seeking untamed power. It’s clear the designers weren’t messing around – their sole mission? Craft the biggest, baddest case imaginable, brimming with fans and ready to accommodate the most monstrous components.

The HAF 700 dwarfs anything we’ve seen before in the studio. Towering over two-thirds of a metre at a colossal 666mm, this behemoth is built with one purpose: to house only the most epically powerful hardware. From the moment you lay eyes on it, the message is clear – size matters.

This case boasts enough space to accommodate a mind-boggling six radiators, a ludicrous seventeen fans, and even the most elaborate custom cooling loops you can dream up. It’s the ultimate playground for PC enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on performance or aesthetics.

The HAF 700 is more than just a case; it’s a statement. It’s a testament to your dedication to unbridled performance and a celebration of the sheer joy of PC building. Is it overkill? Absolutely. But for those who crave the ultimate in power and customisation, the HAF 700 reigns supreme.

HAF 700

First Impressions

The arrival of the Cooler Master HAF 700 was an immediate indicator of its scale. The colossal box, emblazoned with the case’s image, hinted at the monster housed within. However, unlike its counterparts, the packaging transcended the realm of cardboard and tape.

Cooler Master has demonstrably prioritised a premium unboxing experience. In place of the usual frustrations, four robust clips line the exterior, acting as guardians to the HAF 700. These clips offered a satisfyingly secure yet effortless removal process. With a simple release of each clip, the top of the box detaches, revealing the HAF 700 nestled snugly within its high-quality packaging.

Upon lifting the case from its cradle, the HAF 700’s sheer size was shocking. However, it was the exceptional quality of materials that truly impressed us. The construction predominantly features robust metal, accented with tastefully placed, high-grade plastic. This combination screams premium and durable. The inclusion of massive tempered glass side panels provides a captivating glimpse into the massive interior. This huge space promises potential for cable management and the housing of even the most formidable computer components.

Our initial impressions of the Cooler Master HAF 700 are undeniably positive. The case commands attention not only for its size but also for its commitment to quality. From the moment of unboxing, the HAF has instilled a sense of excitement. We eagerly anticipate delving deeper into its capabilities and exploring its potential for crafting a truly remarkable PC build.

Build Experience

Our experience building within the HAF 700 was nothing short of phenomenal. The sheer amount of space was a revelation. Manoeuvring tools and components felt effortless, a stark contrast to cramped cases. This translates to a genuinely easy building experience, perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The integrated cable management system deserves its own round of applause. It seamlessly corralled cables, preventing them from becoming a tangled mess. This not only improves airflow within the case but also creates a clean and professional-looking interior – a true win-win.

For our initial build, we opted for an all-in-one (AIO) cooler. While the AIO itself is a substantial unit, it felt dwarfed by the sheer volume of space available. This truly highlights the HAF 700’s capacity for even the most elaborate cooling solutions. Speaking of which, stay tuned next month for a water-cooled edition featuring top-of-the-line EKWB parts!

Continuing with the theme of size, even a hefty graphics card seemed to shrink within the cavernous interior. This case is a true giant, capable of accommodating nearly any component imaginable, including the largest motherboards – even those monstrous Threadripper behemoths!

The HAF 700 isn’t just a case; it’s an invitation to unbridled creativity and uncompromised performance. We can’t wait to delve deeper into its potential and showcase its capabilities in the upcoming water-cooled build.

Our Build


CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7700X
MB X670E Aorus Pro X
GPU RTX 4080 Super Aero OC
PSU Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 1050
COOLER Cooler Master Atmos 360
CASE Cooler Master HAF 700


The Cooler Master HAF 700 isn’t just about size; it’s a champion of airflow. Here’s why it excels in keeping your PC cool:

  • Massive Airflow Paths: Forget restricted ventilation. The HAF 700 boasts ample space for numerous fans and radiators. This creates unrestricted airflow channels, ensuring a constant stream of cool air enters the case and hot air is efficiently expelled.
  • Pre-Installed Powerhouse Fans: Right out of the box, the HAF 700 packs a punch with two gargantuan 200mm Sickleflow fans mounted at the front. These monsters pull in a significant volume of cool air, feeding it directly to your components.
  • Rotatable Radiator Brackets: The HAF 700 isn’t just about air cooling. Water-cooling enthusiasts rejoice! The case features rotatable radiator brackets. This allows for flexible radiator placement, optimizing cooling performance based on your specific setup.
  • Breathable Front Panel: The HAF 700’s front panel isn’t just aesthetically pleasing with its tempered glass and ARGB fans; it’s functional too. The fine mesh design prioritizes airflow without compromising dust filtration, ensuring a clean and cool internal environment.
  • Comprehensive Fan Support: Need even more cooling options? The HAF 700 doesn’t disappoint. With support for a multitude of additional fans in various locations, you can tailor the airflow configuration to your exact needs.

In essence, the HAF 700 is a dream come true for those seeking exceptional thermal performance. Its design prioritizes airflow at every turn, ensuring your prized components stay chilled even under the most demanding workloads.

Component Compatibility / Our Build

Our HAF 700 build was a true exercise in exploring its potential. We opted for a formidable pairing: a beefy NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Super Aero graphics card and a full-sized ATX motherboard.

Ample Space for a Monster GPU: The 4080 Super Aero is no shrinking violet, boasting impressive dimensions. Yet, within the HAF 700’s vast interior, it seemed to almost disappear. There was ample clearance around the card, allowing for excellent airflow and easy maneuvering during installation. This case is a dream for enthusiasts who favor hefty graphics cards without sacrificing precious space for other components.

ATX Motherboard Compatibility: The HAF 700 isn’t just for fans of EATX or even ATX motherboards; it can accommodate nearly any motherboard you can throw at it. Our full ATX motherboard fit perfectly, with plenty of room for cable management and connections. This level of compatibility ensures broad appeal to enthusiasts with a wide range of motherboard preferences.

A Case Built to Scale: The true beauty of the HAF 700 lies in its ability to scale with your needs. Whether you favour a more modest build or a complete powerhouse, this case has you covered. Our experience with the 4080 Super Aero and ATX motherboard is just a glimpse into the vast compatibility this case offers. It can handle even the most demanding components with ease, making it a future-proof option for enthusiasts who plan to upgrade over time.

Beyond Just Size: While the HAF 700’s size is undeniably impressive, it’s the thoughtful design that truly elevates the building experience. The ample space translates to excellent component compatibility, making it a versatile option for a wide range of enthusiasts. Stay tuned for our upcoming water-cooled build featuring EKWB parts, where we’ll delve deeper into the case’s potential for even the most elaborate cooling configurations!


The Cooler Master HAF 700 isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a behemoth of a case, a true titan in the realm of PC hardware. Building within its cavernous interior was an absolute pleasure, thanks to the abundance of space and the thoughtfully designed cable management system. The sheer size allows for even the most monstrous components and cooling solutions, making it a dream for enthusiasts seeking to push the boundaries of performance.

However, let’s be honest – the HAF 700 is pure overkill for many PC builders. Its gargantuan proportions might feel excessive for more modest setups. But for those who crave the ultimate in expandability, cooling potential, and sheer visual impact, the HAF 700 reigns supreme.

We absolutely loved this case. From the premium unboxing experience to the ease of building and the potential for monstrous cooling configurations, the HAF 700 impressed us at every turn. It’s a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a playground for enthusiasts who refuse to compromise. While some may find it excessive, for those seeking the absolute best, the HAF 700 is a dream come true