BeQuiet Dark Base 701

BeQuiet! Dark Base 701

Here at Battlerigs, we have a knack for spotting some real special and high quality products, and one company in particular has caught our attention, BeQuiet!.

BeQuiet is a Germany based designer and manufacturer of high quality and efficient cooling solutions. Their products are mostly aimed towards the high end gaming market, however, they also offer budget and lower end solutions. However, this post is not about BeQuiet’s offering of coolers and power supplies, this episode of “the breakdown” will be focussing on one of their amazing cases, the BeQuiet Dark Base 701!

The Dark Base 701 is a full ATX case designed with cooling in mind. It features ample space for the latest and greatest components, such as the biggest SUPER cards from Aorus, and the gargantuan cooling solutions required for the beasty Intel Core I9 14900KS.

In this episode of “the breakdown”, we will be delving into the specifics! Including airflow, looks, component compatibility, our build experience, and our thoughts on the case!

Dark Base 701

Initial Impressions

Our first impressions of the case were very positive. From the moment it arrived into the Battlerigs studio, we knew it was extremely high quality. The packaging materials alone screamed professionalism and safety, giving us reassurance that the case within would be protected from the outside world.

When it finally arrived, we hastily cut open the box and unboxed the beast. Opening the box, we was met with the standard Styrofoam and plastic bag, as well as an accessories box, filled with the necessary screws, cable ties, and spare parts, and upon further inspection, the absolutely stunning Dark Base 701!

Upon taking the beast out of the box, we were amazed to see the condition of the case. It arrived without even a single scratch, and seeing that it was shipped from the heart of the Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, we were amazed! The case itself came adorned with high quality and easy to remove plastic wrap, to prevent any scratches during shipping, and we promptly removed them, which we argue is one of the best parts of building a PC! But remember! Never remove the plastic wrap while the PC is running, the static discharge can kill your machine!

So, our first impressions of the Dark Base 701 are very positive, its packaging is something to commend BeQuiet for, as its high quality and easily describes what’s within.

Build Experience

So lets get straight into our experience building in the amazing Dark Base 701! First of, lets talk component compatibility… This beast of a case can house even the newest components, such as a 4090, 4080 SUPER, 7900XTX and of course, a fully custom water cooled loop.

The case itself offers an abundance of space to manoeuvre in, and has even more space for radiators. Featuring compatibility for 2 360mm radiators, the Dark Base 701 is a powerhouse for custom loops. Using EKWB’s latest and greatest products, you could create an absolutely stunning water cooled system, like the one below in the Dark Base 901…

Our Build


CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7700x
MB Gigabyte X670 Aorus Elite AX
GPU Gigabyte RTX 4070 TI SUPER
PSU Sharkoon Rebel P30 Gold
RAM Kingston Fury RGB 32GB
SSD Kingston KC3000 1TB
COOLER BeQuiet! Pure Loop 2
CASE BeQuiet! Dark Base 701



The be quiet! Dark Base 701 prioritizes airflow to keep your PC cool and running smoothly, even under heavy loads. Here’s a breakdown of its key airflow features:

  • Unrestricted Intake: The most striking feature is the full mesh front panel. This allows for a massive amount of cool air to enter the case directly, feeding your components. A similar mesh top panel further enhances airflow and provides an optional exhaust point.
  • Pre-installed Powerhouse Fans: Three high-speed Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM fans come pre-installed: one in the front and two on the top. These fans are known to deliver excellent airflow while maintaining quiet operation, a hallmark of be quiet! products.
  • Cooling Customization: The Dark Base 701 boasts a combined PWM and ARGB hub. This hub can control up to 8 PWM fans and 2 ARGB components. This allows you to add more fans for even more aggressive cooling or swap the pre-installed ones with other PWM fans for a customized airflow setup.
  • Spacious Interior: The case offers a generous amount of space for additional fans. You can mount three 120mm or 140mm fans in the front, three along the top, and one in the rear. This provides ample options for creating a positive pressure design, where more intake fans push cool air through the case and out the exhaust.
  • Flexible Radiator Support: The Dark Base 701 can accommodate a radiator up to 360mm in the front panel, perfect for liquid cooling enthusiasts who prioritize airflow alongside water-based cooling.

Overall, the be quiet! Dark Base 701 is a strong contender for those seeking a PC case with exceptional airflow. The combination of a mesh design, high-performance fans, and ample customization options makes it ideal for keeping your system cool and quiet during demanding tasks.

Component Compatibility / Our Build

The be quiet! Dark Base 701 is a high-performance ATX case intended for gaming enthusiasts who prioritize silence and excellent airflow; this has made it to be one of the favourite among many users due to its affordability and numerous features. If you are considering to build your next PC with the Dark Base 701, component compatibility should be a major concern. Here, we take a look at what the Dark Base 701 can come along with.

Generous Space for Most ATX Components

Dark Base 701 has got enough room inside that you can put standard ATX components on comfortably while leaving a margin for future upgrades. For motherboard selection, you can choose from E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX form factors all supported by the motherboard tray. There’s also enough space for tall CPU coolers (up to 185mm) which assures compatibility with various air coolers.

Graphics Card and Storage Drive Compatibility

This makes it perfect for accommodating even high-end graphics cards that measure up to 415mm without any issues whatsoever; thus it is able to handle some of the most powerful graphics cards available today. It also offers a variety of storage drives in terms of numbers and sizes. You can install five 3.5-inch HDDs or two 2.5-inch SSDs in this case, plus additional options for mounting drives through using included HDD cage.

Cooling Capability: Airflow and Liquid Cooling

The Dark Base 701 excels in both air cooling and liquid cooling solutions. With three pre-installed 140mm Silent Wings 4 high-speed PWM fans, excellent airflow is guaranteed right out of the box. There’s room for additional fans for even more enhanced airflow. If you prefer liquid cooling, the Dark Base 701 truly shines. Its generous dimensions allow for radiator installation up to 360mm in the front or top, making it perfect for custom water-cooling loops.

In conclusion, the be quiet! Dark Base 701 offers excellent component compatibility for a wide range of ATX builds. With its support for various motherboard sizes, graphics cards, storage drives, and both air and liquid cooling solutions, the Dark Base 701 is a versatile case that can accommodate the needs of most PC enthusiasts.

Dark Base 701


The be quiet! Dark Base 701 thoroughly impressed us. It strikes a perfect chord between silence, excellent airflow, and generous component compatibility, making it a fantastic option for builders seeking a high-performance ATX case. The spacious interior, along with its support for various motherboard sizes, hefty graphics cards, and a multitude of storage options, provides a great deal of flexibility for your build.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional air cooling or a liquid cooling enthusiast, the Dark Base 701 caters to both. With its pre-installed Silent Wings 4 fans and ample radiator support, achieving optimal thermals is a breeze. We simply loved the Dark Base 701, and we’re confident you will too. Build your dream PC in style and silence – grab the be quiet! Dark Base 701 today at Overclockers UK.