Antec C8 Black


The Antec C8 Black is the next generation of dual chamber cases and, as you know, we here at Battlerigs have a knack for building and photographing PC’s, from the smallest cases to the largest, we do it all, however, we have a certain sweet spot for dual chamber cases…

In this episode of “the breakdown” we will be exploring our experience building in the Antec C8 Black! I know what you’re thinking, “But George, you have built in this case before!”, and you would be correct! Just over a month ago, we did an absolutely stunning build in the White Antec C8, which we found to be an outstanding case, it had plenty of space for the latest and greatest components (including the new SUPER series of GPUs) while maintaining a reasonable size.

Today however, we are doing something a little different! We loved the case that much that we managed to get our hands on a black version! The case itself has the safe design and features as the White Antec C8, however, it comes in a fully dark style, compared to the light, airy style of the white edition.

Antec C8 Black

Our Antec C8 Black Build


CPU Intel Core I5 13600KF
MB Z790 Aorus Elite AX
GPU RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Gaming OC
PSU Sharkoon P30
RAM T-Force Vulcan 32GB
SSD Crucial T700
AIO Antec Vortex 360
CASE Antec C8 Black

Building Experience

Our recent PC build experience with the Antec C8 in black was an absolute pleasure. The case itself is a dream for builders, offering a spacious interior that felt like there was ample room to manoeuvre. It wasn’t cramped in the slightest, allowing for easy manipulation of components during installation.

Speaking of components, the C8 doesn’t shy away from even the beefiest builds. Its impressive design can accommodate not just one, but two power supplies, making it a great choice for power-hungry systems. In our case, we opted for a powerful NVIDIA 4070 Ti Super graphics card, and it fit perfectly alongside our ATX motherboard within the interior of the case.

Cable management, a potential headache for many builders, became a breeze with the Antec C8 Black. There was ample space to bend and route cables, especially the CPU power cables. These typically require some manoeuvring, but the C8 provided the necessary room for a clean and comfortable installation. The strategically placed cable grommets were the icing on the cake. They acted as perfect channels, guiding cables neatly and contributing significantly to the overall clean aesthetic of our finished build.

If you’re looking for a case that makes building a PC a smooth and enjoyable experience, the Antec C8 in black is a fantastic option. Its spacious interior, dual power supply support, and well-designed cable management features make it a winner in our book.

Component Compatibility

The Antec C8 Black ticks all the boxes for the perfect PC case. Not only does it boast stunning aesthetics with its panoramic view panels, but it also offered the spacious interior we needed to comfortably house all our components.

The star of the show, the Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming OC graphics card, slid right in without a hitch. The ample clearance within the case meant no wrestling or manoeuvring was necessary. This was a breeze, thanks in part to the C8 Black’s well-thought-out design that prioritizes ample movement space for larger components.

Next up was the Antec 360mm AIO. Again, the case provided more than enough room for the radiator and fans to be mounted neatly at the top. This ensured optimal cooling for our overclocking endeavours. The easy access points within the case made the installation a breeze.

The Sharkoon P30 power supply also found its home without any complications. The designated PSU compartment on the back of the case kept things clean and organised, while maintaining enough space for 2 power supplies, while also still providing enough room for cable management – a crucial aspect for achieving that sleek, professional look.

Finally, the Z790 Aorus Elite AX motherboard slotted perfectly into place. The motherboard tray offered plenty of space for us to connect all the necessary cables without feeling cramped. The generous cut-outs also provided easy access for screwing the motherboard down securely.

Throughout the entire build process, the Antec C8 Black’s spacious interior and well-placed cut-outs made component installation a smooth and enjoyable experience. It truly felt like everything was designed to fit together seamlessly, allowing us to focus on creating a stunning PC. With all the components nestled comfortably within the case, we were left with a system that not only performed like a beast but looked stunning.


The Antec C8 Black impressed on all fronts. Here’s the final verdict:

Spacious Interior: This is undoubtedly the Antec C8 Black’s biggest strength. The case offered ample room for even bulky components like our 360mm AIO and RTX 4070 Ti, making installation a breeze. This generous space is a huge win for builders who want a clutter-free and well-ventilated system.

Easy Installation: The thoughtful design with well-placed cut-outs and ample movement space made installing all our components a smooth and enjoyable experience. No wrestling components into place here!

Clean Aesthetics: The panoramic view panels showcased our meticulously chosen parts beautifully. It creates a striking visual for those who appreciate the intricate world of PC components.

The Antec C8 Black is a fantastic case for builders who prioritize ease of use, spacious interiors, and clean aesthetics. It provided the perfect platform for us to create a powerful and visually stunning PC.

Would we recommend it? Absolutely! The C8 Black is a strong contender for anyone looking for a spacious and user-friendly case to house their dream PC build.