MSI GK71 Sonic Keyboard

Name: GK71 Sonic
Switch Type: MSI Sonic Red Linear
Material: Plastic / Aluminium
Colour: Black
LED Colour: Per-Key RGB Lighting
Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz
Response Rate: 1ms / 1,000 Hz
Wrist Rest: Separate Leather Feeling Wrist Rest
Software Support: Yes, MSI Center
Connector Cable: USB 2.0
Cable Length: 1.8 m
Dimensions: 442.5 x 138 x 41 mm
Weight: 854 g

In the world of competitive gaming, milliseconds matter. That’s where the MSI GK71 Sonic Keyboard comes in, boasting the title of the world’s lightest linear mechanical key switch. But is it all about speed? Buckle up as we dive into the features of the MSI GK71 Sonic, exploring if it’s just a gaming powerhouse or a well-rounded keyboard for both fast-paced action and furious typing.

MSI GK71 Packaging

The MSI GK71 Sonic arrives swathed in a high-quality box that instantly sets the tone for a premium product. Images of the keyboard itself adorn the exterior, along with some key specifications listed on the back. Lifting the lid reveals the keyboard nestled securely within a protective plastic sheet, ensuring it arrives free from dust and scratches.

Underneath the keyboard lies a separate compartment, neatly tucked away. This hidden compartment keeps things organized and prevents the included accessories from jostling around during transport. Here you’ll find the essentials for personalization and comfort: a keycap puller for easy customization and a wrist rest for extended gaming sessions. The overall unboxing experience feels well-curated, leaving a positive first impression with its focus on protection and presentation.



The MSI GK71 Sonic’s true marvel lies in its core: the MSI Sonic Red Switches. These lightning-fast, linear switches are unlike anything we’ve experienced before. With an actuation force of a mere 35g, they require the lightest touch to register a keystroke, making them perfect for gamers with a need for speed and typists who fly across the keyboard. This translates to effortless gameplay where every millisecond counts and fatigue becomes a distant memory.

The impressive specs don’t stop there. The GK71 Sonic boasts a sleek, aircraft-grade aluminium alloy top plate that oozes quality and durability. We can tell this keyboard is built to last, able to withstand the most intense gaming sessions without breaking a sweat (or keycap). MSI Mystic Light brings the whole package together with stunning per-key RGB lighting. With a spectrum of 16 million colours to choose from, you can personalize your setup to create a truly captivating visual experience. It’s no wonder the GK71 Sonic has garnered so much praise – it’s simply amazing.

We absolutely adore the MSI GK71 Sonic. From the satisfying clack of the keys to the mesmerizing glow of the customizable RGB lighting, it’s a joy to use. It looks as good on our desk as it feels under our fingertips. The quality of this keyboard can be compared to the likes of the Cooler Master MK750 or Arbiter Studio Polar 65.

Our Thoughts

The MSI GK71 Sonic has well and truly blown us away. From the moment we first laid eyes on its sleek design and premium aluminium top plate, we knew we were in for a treat. But it’s the performance that truly steals the show. The lightning-fast Sonic Red switches are a dream to use, making both gaming and typing a breeze. We never thought a keyboard could feel so responsive and comfortable at the same time.

MSI has clearly crafted a high-quality product here. The build quality is exceptional, and the customisable RGB lighting adds a fantastic touch of personality. Let’s not forget the price either. For what you get, the GK71 Sonic offers phenomenal value for money. We honestly can’t recommend this keyboard enough – it’s a fantastic addition to any gamer or typist’s setup.

We definitely recommend.

George Howitt

Hailing from Lincoln, England, George isn't your average tech user. A self-proclaimed computer enthusiast, he thrives on building and fixing machines, especially those featuring the eye-catching aesthetics of water cooling. George's passion extends beyond the build process, as he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with various tech products.