Cooler Master MK750 Keyboard Review

Name: MK750 (Blue, Brown, Red)
Switch Type: Cherry MX (Blue, Brown, Red)
Material: Plastic / Aluminum / PU Leather
Color: Gunmetal Black
LED Color: RGB, 16.7 Million Colors
Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz
Response Rate: 1ms / 1,000 Hz
MCU: 32-bit ARM Cortex M3
On-Board Memory: 512 KB
On-The-Fly System: Multimedia, Macro Recording, and Lighting
Multimedia Keys: 4 Dedicated
Smart Cable Manager: 180 Degree, 3-way
Wrist Rest: Removable Magnetic With Soft PU Leather
Cable: Detachable Braided USB Type-C
Software Support: Yes, Portal
Connector Cable: USB 2.0
Cable Length: 1.8 m
Dimensions: 437.5 x 132.25 x 42 mm
Weight: 1,003 g
Warranty: 2 Years

MK750 Packaging

The Masterkeys MK750 is wrapped up in a large black box with a nicely printed image of the keyboard on the front. The image is clean and shows off the RGB and design aesthetics of the keyboard.

On the back of the box Cooler Master show off the keyboard once again but this time listing some of the key features the MK750 has to offer. In short, the packaging made the keyboard very enticing and instantly I wanted to open up the box and get a real feel for the keyboard.

CM chose to go with a USB C removable cable and this came packaged with a few other accessories like the awesome keycaps labelled Esc, W, A, S, D and cursor keys. The keys are pinkish/purple and offer an added quality over the standard keys on the board. The inclusion of these keycaps would also help out novice gamers just starting their PC master-race journey.


After unwrapping the accessories and having a quick read of the instructions I hastily pulled the keyboard from its protective sleeve and it was clear to see that Cooler Master were wanting a very sleek and minimalist style for their keyboard. The weight felt light but not too light that I couldn’t feel the quality. The MK750 has a plastic base and a beautifully styled aluminium top plate, assuming this was for looks but also to provide some added strength to the board.

The version I was sent was the American version so some of the keys were different to how I am used to but this didn’t phase me when typing on the keyboard. The layout felt nicely spaced out and the addition of four media control buttons was a nice touch. I quickly got to grips with the function key mapping also. I was soon basking in RGB loveliness and loved the addition of the light bar on the front of the keyboard albeit invisible when using the hand rest. The MK750 includes genuine cherry MX (blue) switches with raised keys. Each key has individual RGB lighting which can be fully customised through the software.

The keyboard as previously mentioned uses a USB type c port and the cable was easy to install and some cable management channels built into the keyboard kept the cable run nice and tidy. The aforementioned wrist rest locks onto the MK750 using cool hidden magnets which is a neat feature as wrist rests can sometimes move during extreme gameplay.


The software was easily downloadable off the Cooler Master website and allows the user to customise the led lighting to their liking. There are multiple options such as static, breathing and the awesome rainbow wave which is my personal favourite mode. If you wish to customise every key then this is also an option that’s available. This level of customisation is incredible and is quite simply the best I’ve come across.

Also within the software you have the option called Macro. This tab allows the user to create and assign different actions to certain keys. This feature is particularly useful when playing MMORPG games where you regularly mash buttons during combat.
Its important to mention that Cooler Master also allows the user to remap the keys. I’m sure you will know of at least one game where one of the essential keys is too far away for example the M key which is regularly used for “maps” this could be remapped as a “T”

The final tab is the user profile tab. This one allows the user to import and export files that other people have created. A cool feature, however relies upon the assumption that your friends also have Cooler Master keyboards!



The MK750 is exceptional value for money. Its a great looking keyboard with an unreal amount of customisation options. The Cherry MX blue keys are very “clicky” and tactile however for some players this may feel unusual. Personally I prefer Cherry MX Red keys and seem to be able to type much quicker using them.

That being said when gaming on Call of Duty WW2 and Destiny 2 the MK750 keys took a heavy beating and performed perfectly. If I had to moan about one thing then it would have to be the size of the shift key which is smaller than what I am used to. When I first started gaming on it my finger did lose its grip a few times. Having said that a few games into destiny 2 online I had adapted and quickly forgot about it’s size.

The lighting customisation is particularly awesome and so I’m confident that no matter what theme you’ve gone with on your gaming setup this keyboard will fit in just nicely.

I have used the keyboard for a few weeks now and have grown fond of it. I think anyone looking for a hardcore keyboard without the silly prices some companies charge, then this is the keyboard for you! It also pairs nicely with the MM530 Mouse.

The MK750 is available from under £135 on