Cooler Master MM530 Mouse Review

Sensor: PixArt PMW3360
MCU/Processor: Holtek HT32F52352
Switches: Omron D2FC-F-7N 20M
Wheel Encoder: Mechanical, tactile
Size: 124.8 mm x 60.4 mm x 40.2 mm
Ambidextrous: No
Number of Buttons: 7
Weight: 102 g with weight, 96 g without weight
Polling Rate: 125 – 1000 Hz
Cable Length: 1.8 m
Software: Yes

Unboxing the MM530

The MM530 comes in very smart packaging. The box has an openable front panel allowing the user to take a look inside without having to take the mouse out of the packaging. Once opened the box contains a user manual, set of mouse feet and the MM530 Mouse.

The mouse itself has a low profile and very neat shape and for me felt fantastic in the palm of my hand. The mouse is clearly built for right-handed players with the side buttons being located on the left side.


Build Quality

The MM530 has a matte finish and although smooth has a really nice textured feel to it. Both sides of the mouse have silicone grips which in my opinion help to keep full control of the mouse. I have not noticed any loss of grip at any times.
The build quality considering the price of the mouse is truly excellent. All the buttons feel sturdy and well made.

The main buttons are made out of PBT plastic and so shouldn’t lose their texture or colour. Even when squeezing the mouse very hard it holds up brilliantly well and does not feel like its going to break.

The MM530 feels very responsive and this is for very good reason. No expense has been spared with the optical mouse sensors. This mouse is equipped with the top-of-the-range PixArt PMW3360. An incredible addition considering the price point. It has on the fly DPI adjustments upto 12,000 and 1 – 1 input which gamers prefer.

Under the surface you will find the main buttons use Omron switches, which are the most commonly used switches providing 20 million clicks. As previously stated the feel clicky and you get the sense they will cope well with a serious hammering.
The side buttons aren’t as high quality however its hardly likely you’ll be button bashing on these and its clear Cooler Master saved costs in this area. Having said that they are not terrible and still provide enough quality to keep me satisfied.

The scrolling wheel is also really quite good, it’s light and grippy and so when weapon selecting you can be assured this is a quick action. The clicks are obvious and you dont need to use a lot of force to scroll through each step.

I have to say I would rather the cable was made of the same premium braided material as the MK750 Keyboard. The cable used on the mouse is sadly non-braided however it is does have a gold plated connector. Perhaps on the next iteration of the mouse Cooler Master will use the beautifully braided cable in the MK750. Lets hope so.


As far as customisation goes, well, it would be easier to tell you what this mouse can’t do! it’s quite frankly mind boggling. The mouse is capable of the usual plethora of lighting techniques such as breathing, static, stars. However the real cool ability is multilayer mode which allows the user to customise each part of the mouse! Yes, a different lighting setting for the scroll wheel, top logo ad the CPI changers.

It’s as mad as it’s cousin the MK750 Keyboard and considering it retails for just £31.97 on I have no qualms in awarding this mouse a straight reccomendation!

A scarily accurate mouse that is well-balanced and packed with features, this is a gaming mouse built for high-action combat where accuracy is the key to upping your K/D ratio!

Highly recommended