The new Hyte THICC Q60, an absolute beast!

The HYTE THICC Q60 isn’t your average all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler. HYTE, the PC component and lifestyle brand, throws everything at CPU cooling with the THICC Q60, creating a feature-packed cooler with a focus on both performance and aesthetics. Here’s a breakdown of what makes the THICC Q60 stand out:

THICC Q60 Stands for Performance:

Dual Pump Power: Unlike most AIOs that use a single pump, the THICC Q60 boasts dual harmonic pumps. This translates to potentially better coolant flow and improved heat transfer, especially beneficial for overclocked CPUs.
Thick & Beefy Radiator: As the name suggests, the Q60 features a thicker 240mm radiator compared to standard AIOs. This allows for more surface area for heat dissipation, aiding in keeping your CPU cool under demanding workloads.
THICC Fans: HYTE doesn’t shy away from chunky – the Q60 comes with a pair of 120mm THICC FP12 fans. These Fiberglass reinforced Liquid Crystal Polymer fans are designed for high airflow and static pressure, pushing more cool air through the radiator.

A Display Unlike Any Other:

The most eye-catching feature of the THICC Q60 is undoubtedly the massive 5-inch, 720 x 1280 resolution LCD display mounted on the pump head. This isn’t just for show; the display allows you to monitor various system vitals like CPU temperature, fan speeds, and even customize it to display animations or system information.

Hyte THICC Q60

Going Cable-Free with Nexus Link:

HYTE takes a unique approach to cabling with the Q60. It utilizes their proprietary Nexus Link technology, a single cable that combines fan control, lighting control, and even provides power to the display. This eliminates the need for multiple cables cluttering your case, resulting in a cleaner and more manageable build.

Luxury Features and Expandability:

The Q60 boasts a luxurious feel with a 6-year warranty and pre-applied thermal paste for a hassle-free installation. Additionally, the Nexus Link system allows for future expansion with other Nexus Link compatible devices using the Nexus Link AmpScale. This opens doors for potential integration with additional fans, lighting strips, or even other HYTE components in the future.

Things to Consider:

While the THICC Q60 boasts impressive features, it’s not without drawbacks. The larger radiator and thicker fans might require compatibility checks with your PC case. Additionally, the price point of £330 puts it on the higher end of the AIO spectrum.

Overall, the HYTE THICC Q60 is a unique and feature-rich AIO liquid cooler. It caters to enthusiasts who prioritize both top-tier cooling performance and a distinctive aesthetic with its built-in display. However, its size and price tag make it a niche offering that might not be ideal for every build.

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You can purchase the Q60 here

Hyte THICC Q60

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