BeQuiet! Dark Base Pro 901 White

Dark Base Pro 901

Dark Base Pro 901

Dark Base Pro 901 is the epitome of a flexible, yet user-friendly case.

  • Interchangeable top cover and front panel for either maximum airflow or virtually inaudible operation
  • Fan and radiator brackets with integrated fan hub in front and top make installation a breeze
  • 3 Silent Wings 4 PWM fans for a virtually inaudible operation and high performance
Part Product
Processor Intel Core I5 13600KF
Motherboard Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite AX
Memory Kingston Fury Renegade
Storage Kingston Fury Renegade 2TB
Cooler BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 5
Case BeQuiet! Dark Base Pro 901
Graphics Card Gigabyte RTX 4070 TI Super Gaming OC
Power Supply Sharkoon P30

First Impressions

We recently got our hands on the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 in white, and right off the bat, we were impressed. The clean, white aesthetic is undeniably sharp, offering a modern and sleek look that would be a centerpiece in any build. But the good looks don’t stop there.

The build quality of this case is truly impeccable. Everything feels solid and well-constructed, with no creaks or flimsy panels. The tempered glass side panel is thick and crystal clear, offering a perfect view of your internal components. It’s clear that be quiet! has put a lot of thought and care into the materials and construction of this case.

One unexpected bonus was the built-in charger. This is a fantastic little addition that makes managing your mobile devices even more convenient. No more scrambling for the right cable – it’s all integrated right into the case.

So far, we’re thoroughly impressed with the Dark Base Pro 901 in white. It’s a fantastic case that offers a winning combination of stunning looks, top-notch build quality, and thoughtful features. We can’t wait to dive in and start building our next PC in this beauty!

Our Build

After being so impressed with the aesthetics and build quality of the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 in white, it was time to see how well it housed the powerhouse components we picked out. Let’s delve into the build and see how each piece fit within this stunning case.

The heart of this build is the formidable Intel Core i5 13600KF. This powerful CPU delivers impressive performance, making it ideal for demanding games and applications. To keep it cool and ensure smooth operation, we opted for the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5 in black. This massive air cooler is a perfect match for the white case, offering a stunning contrast while effectively keeping thermals under control.

For graphics muscle, we went with the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming. This top-of-the-line card boasts serious graphical prowess, ensuring we can play the latest titles at high resolutions and frame rates. Paired with the i5 13600KF, this combo is a dream team for gamers and creators alike.

To complement the processing power and graphics capabilities, we chose Kingston Fury Renegade RAM. This high-performance RAM ensures smooth multitasking and fast data transfer speeds, keeping the system running flawlessly under heavy loads.

The Kingston Fury Renegade RAM not only boasts impressive performance but also adds a touch of class to the build. Its stylish design with subtle RGB lighting complements the white interior of the Dark Base Pro 901 beautifully.

We haven’t mentioned storage yet, but that’s a decision for another day! The Dark Base Pro 901 offers ample space for various storage configurations, so we have the flexibility to choose the perfect solution based on our needs.

This build is a work in progress, but so far, it’s shaping up to be a stunning combination of power and aesthetics. The Dark Base Pro 901 provides a fantastic canvas, and the components we’ve chosen so far – the i5 13600KF, Dark Rock Pro 5, Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming, and Kingston Fury Renegade RAM – are a perfect fit. We can’t wait to see how it all comes together and put this beast to the test!


Putting the finishing touches on this build in the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is the case itself gorgeous and incredibly well-built, but it’s also proven to be incredibly versatile.

One of the things that truly impressed us throughout the build process was the sheer amount of space available inside the Dark Base Pro 901. Even with the chunky Dark Rock Pro 5 cooler and the hefty Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming, there was ample room for maneuvering and cable management. This spacious interior makes it a great choice for builders of all experience levels, especially those working with larger components or wanting a clean, clutter-free aesthetic.

The Dark Base Pro 901 also shines in its configurability. The removable drive cages allowed us to easily customize the layout for our specific needs, and the multiple fan mounting points provided flexibility for airflow optimization. This level of customization makes the case a great choice for a wide variety of builds, from water-cooled monsters to air-cooled workhorses.

We can confidently say that we’ve fallen in love with the Dark Base Pro 901 in white. It’s a fantastic case that offers a winning combination of stunning looks, top-notch build quality, and exceptional functionality. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a first-timer, the Dark Base Pro 901 provides a spacious and user-friendly platform to bring your dream PC to life. We highly recommend it!

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