Ducky One 3 SF Keyboard Review

Name: Ducky One 3 SF
Switch Type: Cherry MX Mechanical Switches
Keycaps: Double-Shot or Laser Engraved, ABS or PBT
Wireless: No
Material: Plastic, Hints of Metal
Colour: White or Black
LED Colour: RGB – Built in modes or software control
Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz
Cable: Detachable Wired USB 2.0 (USB-C to A)
Software Support: Yes (RGB Software)
Dimensions: 325 x 108 x 40 mm
Weight: 635 g

In the world of mechanical keyboards, the Ducky One 3 SF stands out as a favourite for gamers and enthusiasts alike. This keyboard offers a compact 65% layout that saves on desk space, while still packing in all the functionality you need. But is the Ducky One 2 SF all hype, or does it truly live up to its reputation? In this review, we’ll be diving deep into the design, build quality, typing experience, and customization options of this popular keyboard. We’ll also help you decide if the Ducky One 2 SF is the right fit for you.

Ducky One 3 SF Packaging

Ducky One 3 SF Box Front Ducky One 3 SF Box Back

The Ducky One 2 SF’s positive impression starts even before you cut through the tape. The packaging itself exudes quality. Constructed from thick, high-density cardboard, the box feels reassuringly hefty and built to withstand the bumps and jostles of shipping. Unlike some flimsy packaging that arrives looking worse for wear, Ducky clearly prioritizes protecting their product during its journey to your desk.

Opening the box reveals a meticulously organized interior. The Ducky One 3 SF itself rests securely in a cardboard tray, ensuring it remains perfectly still during transport. No rattling around here – every detail is considered to prevent even the slightest chance of damage. Each included accessory – the key puller, switch puller, detachable cable, and manual – receives the same level of care. They’re all individually wrapped and tucked into separate compartments within the box.

This meticulous attention to detail throughout the packaging process goes a long way in ensuring everything arrives in pristine condition, ready to elevate your typing experience from the moment you open the box.

So overall, our first impressions of the Ducky One 3 SF are extremely positive! Not only does it arrive in some of the highest quality keyboard packaging materials we have seen, but the experience of opening the box for the first time creates a sense of joy and quality. The included extras are a nice touch, making the keyboard a great product for the money.

The only slight downside we found with the Ducky One 3 SF’s packaging is the lack of a product image. As shown below, the box does not feature any images of the product, and while this does create a mysterious aesthetic, we believe that showcasing the product on the box can create a sense of excitement for customers and enthusiasts.


Lifting the Ducky One 3 SF from its box reveals a keyboard crafted to an extremely high standard. The chassis is constructed from a dense, double-shot ABS plastic that feels incredibly sturdy. Unlike some lightweight keyboards that can feel flimsy, the Ducky One 3 SF has a satisfying heft that inspires confidence.

This commitment to quality materials extends to the keycaps. Made from durable PBT plastic, they boast a pleasant texture that resists fingerprints and feels great to the touch. The legends are crisp and clear, with secondary functions conveniently printed on the fronts of the keycaps for easy reference.

But the true magic of the Ducky One 3 SF lies in the typing experience. We’ve been using this keyboard for the past few weeks for a variety of tasks, from hammering out emails to late-night gaming sessions, and it consistently impresses. Our review unit came equipped with Cherry MX Brown switches, known for their satisfying tactile bump and quiet operation. Each keystroke feels precise and responsive, with a delightful thock that provides excellent audio feedback.

The stabilizers, which can be a weak point on some keyboards, perform admirably here. Even the larger keys like the spacebar and Enter register keypresses evenly and without any rattle. Overall, the typing experience on the Ducky One 3 SF is nothing short of phenomenal – a perfect blend of tactility, sound, and responsiveness that makes every keystroke a pleasure.

Our Thoughts

The Ducky One 3 SF has thoroughly impressed us over the past few weeks. From its premium build quality to its phenomenal typing experience, this keyboard delivers exceptional performance for both work and play. The Ducky One 3 SF may come at a slight premium compared to some budget options, but for those seeking a top-tier keyboard that feels fantastic under your fingertips and is built to last, the Ducky One 3 SF is absolutely worth the investment.

When comparing this keyboard to the likes of similar offerings from Cooler Master (CK721) and Arbiter Studio (Polar 65), it holds its own. All three are similarly priced, but all three have their strengths and weaknesses.

We highly recommend it. You can purchase the One 3 SF here!

George Howitt

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