MSI IMMERSE GH50 Gaming Headset

MSI Immerse GH50

From the outset the MSI Immerse GH50 wireless Headset comes very neatly packaged in a box that displays authenticity with simplicity. As someone who sometimes struggles with the simplest unboxing of components, this was a simple reveal of sophisticated packaging and neat design detail that made the process quite refreshing.

The Immerse GH50 cables and microphone are boxed neatly together in another easily openable box, with the main headset underneath and protected. All of the cables come with an elegant bag that compliments the style of the packaging, with the wireless USB transmitter located on the side of the cable box. The Immerse GH50 itself has a nice amount of padding for those extra long gaming sessions, with a thick cushioned padding for the ears and head that truly do make wearing them an exceptionally comfortable experience.

The microphone slots in nice and snug without having to be forced in, which is a nice bonus. The connection to Bluetooth is simple and makes connecting a breeze without the long wait. As for the sound of the headphones, it is clear and sharp, enabling the full enjoyment of every part of what you are listening to, whether for gaming or listening to music in full immersion of sound. The headset picks up every small detail and enables a true surround sound experience. The headset also feels quite lightweight on the head, which is a real bonus if, like myself, a few minutes of gameplay can easily turn into hours. In short, it almost feels like wearing no headset at all, but with the added luxury of high-calibre sound. A true fusion of simplistic design but with an exceptional sound.

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