We Will Be At Insomnia #I72

Insomnia, the legendary UK gaming festival, returns for its 72nd iteration, and Battlerigs is poised to dive headfirst into the electrifying atmosphere. This time, we’re ditching the booth and opting for a different strategy: securing media coverage that captures the essence of what Battlerigs is all about – pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences.

Our team of press veterans will be embedded within the festival, navigating the vibrant halls and tournaments, seeking out the latest innovations and most captivating trends. We’ll be there to chronicle the energy, the passion, and the sheer joy that defines Insomnia.

Here’s a glimpse into what Battlerigs will be up to at Insomnia i72:

Exploring The Festival

  • Tech Demos and Indie Gems: We’ll be on the hunt for hidden gems – those innovative indie developers and studios showcasing their latest creations. Expect interviews with these passionate minds, diving deep into their design philosophies and the unique experiences they’re crafting.
  • VR and AR Extravaganza: With virtual and augmented reality rapidly evolving the gaming landscape, we’ll be at the forefront, experiencing the latest demos and capturing player reactions. Look out for insights into how VR and AR are shaping the future of gaming and the challenges and opportunities they present.
  • Esports Arena Buzz: The competitive spirit that defines esports is infectious. We’ll be present at the heart of the Insomnia esports arena, bringing you interviews with top players, analysts, and tournament organizers. We’ll delve into the strategies, the mind games, and the emotions that fuel the competitive fire.

Capturing the Human Element

  • Cosplay Extravaganza: Insomnia is renowned for its jaw-dropping cosplay creations. Our team will be mingling with cosplayers, capturing the intricate details of their costumes and the stories behind their characters. We want to showcase the dedication, creativity, and sheer fun that goes into crafting these incredible outfits.
  • Community Champions: The gaming community thrives on its passionate members. We’ll be seeking out those who make Insomnia special – the enthusiastic attendees, the friendly volunteers, and the community leaders who foster a welcoming environment. Their stories will paint a vivid picture of what makes Insomnia such a beloved event.
  • Panel Discussions and Workshops: Insomnia offers a wealth of knowledge-sharing opportunities through panels and workshops. We’ll be there to capture key takeaways from industry experts, developers, and content creators, providing valuable insights for gamers of all levels.

Battlerigs Coverage

  • In-Depth Articles: Our team will craft comprehensive articles that go beyond surface-level impressions. Expect insightful analysis, expert commentary, and a deep dive into the trends and innovations that will shape the future of gaming.
  • Vivid Social Media Coverage: Follow Battlerigs on social media for a real-time taste of the Insomnia experience. We’ll be sharing photos, videos, and live updates, capturing the excitement, the energy, and the sheer fun of the event.

By focusing on media coverage, Battlerigs aims to achieve several goals:

  • Unbiased Perspective: Free from the constraints of a booth, our team can provide a more objective and unbiased perspective on the event.
  • Deeper Dives: Without the pressure of promoting specific products, we can delve deeper into the trends, innovations, and stories that truly matter to gamers.
  • Community Focus: Our focus shifts towards the heart of the event – the passionate community that makes Insomnia what it is.


Insomnia Here We Come!

Look forward to a comprehensive and engaging portrayal of #i72. We’ll bring you the latest advancements in gaming technology, the captivating stories of the people who make it all happen, and the infectious enthusiasm that defines the Insomnia experience.

So, buckle up and join Battlerigs on this exciting journey into the heart of Insomnia i72. We’ll be your eyes and ears, chronicling the innovations, the energy, and the sheer joy that make this event a legendary celebration of gaming.

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George Howitt

Hailing from Lincoln, England, George isn't your average tech user. A self-proclaimed computer enthusiast, he thrives on building and fixing machines, especially those featuring the eye-catching aesthetics of water cooling. George's passion extends beyond the build process, as he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with various tech products.