Red Dead Redemption Rumours: Is It Coming To PC?

Red Dead Redemption Rumours: Is It Coming To PC?

For years, PC gamers have held onto a lone star dream: lassoing in the classic Red Dead Redemption. While RDR2 enjoyed a successful PC launch in 2019, the original title remained elusive. But whispers on the wind (or should we say, data miners combing through code) suggest there might be a change in the tides.

A Glimpse of Hope:

The rumour mill truly began churning in early 2024 when a prominent GTA data miner, Tez2, unearthed some intriguing code from the Rockstar launcher. The code hinted at “Red Dead Redemption” and its undead companion, “Undead Nightmare,” being playable on PC. This sent shockwaves through the PC gaming community, igniting a fire of hope.

Why Now?

If the rumours hold weight, it begs the question: why now? One theory suggests it’s a smart business move by Rockstar. Releasing a beloved classic on the ever-expanding PC platform broadens their reach and exposes the Red Dead Redemption universe to a whole new audience.

A Grain of Salt

While the datamined code is certainly a spark, it’s important to temper expectations. Rockstar hasn’t officially confirmed a PC port for Red Dead Redemption. Data mining can be suggestive, but it’s not always a guaranteed sign of things to come.

Stay Tuned, Partners

The rumours surrounding Red Dead Redemption’s PC arrival are exciting, but for now, they remain just that: rumours. Here’s hoping Rockstar moseys on over with an official announcement soon. In the meantime, PC gamers can keep their eyes peeled for any official news and keep those six-shooters holstered… for now.

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