NVIDIA RTX 5090: 50-Series Rumours, Release Date, and Everything We Do Know

Gamers and tech enthusiasts, buckle up! The next generation of graphical dominance is on the horizon with the rumoured arrival of the NVIDIA RTX 5090. As the potential successor to the reigning champion, the RTX 4090, the 5090 promises to push graphical boundaries even further. But when can we expect to see this beast of a card, and what mind-blowing specs might it house?

Dive into this blog post for a comprehensive exploration of the RTX 5090, where we’ll unveil everything we know so far about release dates, rumoured specs, and why this graphics card might just be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

When are they releasing?

The burning question for all PC enthusiasts: when can we expect to see the mighty RTX 5090 hit the shelves? While Nvidia remains tight-lipped on an official release date, rumours and industry trends paint a promising picture.

Based on Nvidia’s typical release cycle of 18-24 months between generations, and whispers from tech insiders, the RTX 50-series launch is expected to land between late 2024 and early 2025. This timeframe aligns with the holiday shopping season, a prime time for graphics card releases.

Some rumours even suggest a potential late 2024 launch for the top-tier RTX 5090, followed by a staggered release of other cards in the series.

Remember, these are predictions based on leaks and educated guesses. Stay tuned for this section to be updated with the official information as soon as Nvidia makes the big announcement!

What are the predicted specs of the RTX 5090?

Since the RTX 5090 isn’t here yet, the world of tech relies on whispers and leaks to piece together its potential features. Here’s a glimpse into what we might see based on the latest rumours:

Blackwell Architecture: The RTX 5090 is expected to be the pioneer of Nvidia’s next-gen architecture, codenamed Blackwell. This architecture is rumoured to leverage TSMC’s 3nm manufacturing process, a significant leap from the 5nm process used in the current RTX 4000 series.

Core Count Boost: Leaks suggest a massive jump in CUDA core count. The RTX 5090 might boast a whopping 24,576 cores, compared to the 16,384 of the RTX 4090.

Memory Makeover: Get ready for a potential memory upgrade! The RTX 5090 could feature a wider 512-bit memory bus, potentially paired with blazing-fast GDDR7 memory clocked at 28Gbps. This combination could translate to a significant boost in memory bandwidth.

Next-Gen Interface Support: The rumours don’t stop there. The RTX 5090 might be the first to embrace PCIe 5.0 and DisplayPort 2.1, the latest standards for high-speed data transfer and display connectivity.

It’s important to remember that these are predicted specs based on leaks and may not be entirely accurate. Nvidia typically refines specifications throughout the development process. However, they give us a tantalizing glimpse into the potential power of the RTX 5090.

The Already Released RTX 4090, Predecessor To The RTX 5090

How much will the new cards cost?

The price tag of the RTX 5090 is a mystery Nvidia is yet to unveil. However, we can make some educated guesses based on past releases and current market trends.

Looking back, there was a significant price jump between the RTX 3090 (£1500) and the RTX 4090 (£1600). If Nvidia follows a similar pattern, we could see the RTX 5090 priced around the £1700 mark, or potentially even higher. This increase could be attributed to the rumoured advancements in architecture and memory, making the 5090 a true powerhouse.

It’s also worth considering the ongoing chip shortage. While there have been signs of improvement, it’s not entirely out of the picture. If the shortage persists, it could put upward pressure on the price of the RTX 5090 due to limited availability.

Ultimately, the final price will depend on Nvidia’s production costs and market strategies. Here’s hoping for a reasonable increase that reflects the card’s capabilities, but be prepared for the possibility of a premium price tag for this next-generation monster.


The NVIDIA RTX 5090 is shrouded in a veil of mystery, but the rumors paint a picture of a graphics card poised to revolutionize the gaming experience. From its potential release date to its predicted monstrous specs and price tag, this blog post has hopefully shed some light on what to expect.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer itching for the next graphical leap or a tech enthusiast curious about the future of PC hardware, the RTX 5090 is definitely a card to keep an eye on. Be sure to check back for updates as we inch closer to the official reveal, and get ready to be amazed by what Nvidia has in store!

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