New Sponsors: Kingston and Crucial!

We’re thrilled to announce that Battlerigs has partnered with two industry giants, Kingston and Crucial, as our newest sponsors!

Who are Kingston and Crucial

Crucial and Kingston are world-renowned for their high-performance memory solutions, a vital component in any top-tier battlerig. This exciting partnership means you can expect to see their industry-leading RAM powering the builds we create.

We’re incredibly enthusiastic about working with both Kingston and Crucial. Their dedication to quality and innovation perfectly aligns with our mission of delivering the best possible content for our audience.

In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see Crucial and Kingston memory integrated into our PC builds. Stay tuned for exciting announcements and in-depth looks at how these powerful components can elevate your gaming experience!

Kingston and Crucial

George Howitt

Hailing from Lincoln, England, George isn't your average tech user. A self-proclaimed computer enthusiast, he thrives on building and fixing machines, especially those featuring the eye-catching aesthetics of water cooling. George's passion extends beyond the build process, as he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with various tech products.